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welcome! casey huang is a freelance stylist and writer currently based in new york city. she was born in taipei and grew up in shanghai, and as a result of her multicultural upbringing her work heavily revolves centers around ideas of identity, home, belonging, and self image and expression.

a love for narrative is what drives her to the literary and sartorial fields. casey enjoys creating beautiful imagery that speaks to the senses and emotions, preferring ambiguity and tenderness. drawing inspiration from her own life and other  creative sources and experiences , she is inspired by literature, art, anime, film and everyday life amongst other things.

like many of those who live between cultures, i profoundly feel the sensation of being an outsider despite being where you feel you should belong, and that uncertainty is a core drive of my work in general. i see oppositions but i also believe in negotiation and balance, and where there is clash there is also merging and understanding. i like spaces that are not quite ready or meant to be classified.

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through my work, i hope to showcase the negotiation between oppositions, challenging binaries and revealing the subtleties that exist within grey areas and pre-established ideas.


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